just for the kids

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 The man who invented football
Had eleven kids
And just to keep them occupied
This is what he did.
One day while out hunting dinosaurs
He kicked this lump of rock
It was a cold wet Saturday
And the time was Three o clock.
Then he made some goal posts
From branches off a tree
Next he marked the pitch out
Then went home for his tea.
His kids he gathered around him
Inside their dusty little cave
Tried to explain the offside rule
In the team talk that he gave.
His plan was to play 4 4 2
But they did not understand
What was to be the strikers role
And could the goalie use his hands
The oldest of his Eleven kids
A big lad known as Zog
He would be the captain
And the mascot……Their pet dog.
Then he arranged a friendly match
Against a team from over the hill
Who had very little talent
And very little skill.
Big Zog he grabbed a hat trick
But soon got into trouble
When he was shown a yellow card
For thumping Barney Rubble
The rest like they say is history
And in many many ways
A lot of things have never changed
Since those cave man days.



Just thought I would put the TOON’S relegation worries
to the back of my mind, by writing this little bit of nonsense.

Source: https://footballpoets.org/poems/just-for-the-kids/