Just the ticket

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The whole ticket
And nothing but the ticket
So help me … please, someone
Faithless now
So fruitless has been my quest
A ticket is all I require
And God’s meant to love a trier
All I need is one, just one
Not the stub
Nor the promise
But the real McCoy
That’ll bring me joy
Not a corporate box
With it’s cardboard characters
And plastic know-alls
A commercial sham
With prawn sarnies and babycham
Boxes filled with flutes, in suits
Who couldn’t give two hoots
About the drama played out before them
“Fares please!”
Not a train ticket
Or bus ticket
But a match ticket
A kosher, genuine, authentic article
So long as it’s bona-fide
Couldn’t care less if it’s crumpled or tidy
Whether neat and crisp or tatty
This hunt, is driving me batty
I want to be there, have to be there
Where it’s all happening
Clutching my ticket to my chest
To keep abreast, of the action
To see it all first hand
To experience the atmosphere
To be right there, in the thick of it
And if I can’t be there
Then the satellite transmission
Just won’t do
I won’t be beaten into submission
To pay for an armchair seat
The comfort of the furniture suite
Just cannot recompense
And if I really can’t be there
Then I swear
I’ll not be able to show my face
So, just in case
I’ll have to go hide in a thicket!


Been there a few times! (maybe next time I’ll wear the t-shirt,
with a begging message!)

Source: https://footballpoets.org/poems/just-the-ticket/