Liverpool VS Celtic

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 When we walk on the pitch
what do you see
all you see is fans
singing there hearts away
When the referee blows the whistle
the game has begun with liverpoo land celtic
tied on agg 1-1 both teams wanting to win
but only one can go through
Liverpool star the game off but celtic take over
with a couple of minutes till half-time celtic get a free-kick
thanks to Traore for pulling on larssons shirt
so larsson runs over the ball and gerrad moves
thompson kicks it low and the goalie was lost
Celtic have scored 0-1 for celtic its 1-2 on agg
the ref blows the whistle time for half-time.
The teams come back out
Liverpool need a goal or there out the competition
Celtic are all over liverpool
With 10 minutes to go and out wit h25 yards hartson
hits the ball in the net
its a GOAL 0-2 for celtic 1-3 on agg
with 2 minutes added celtic have done iot
with four teams left who will celtic get
On friday the draw was made Celtic got Boavista
will Celitc win the Uefa cup??
I really hope so


for winning at Anfield

Source: https://footballpoets.org/poems/liverpool-vs-celtic/