Lord Denison says the judicial system is being treated as a “political football”

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First, be born white,
And male.
Have a dad who is already a top judge,
And then go to Eton or Harrow;
Be posh,
Speak posh,
Be rich
And don’t know who Paul Gascoigne is
And never hear of Oasis.
Believe that all black men are potential rapists
And that all women who wear short skirts
Want sexual intercourse with strangers.
Believe that animals like being hunted,
Hate trade unionists,
Think Tony Blair is a communist,
And believe that wages are stolen profits.
Like wigs,
Like dressing up in a black cap,
In the privacy of your own homes,
And like the 18th. Century criminal code.
Like speaking Latin,
Like playing with hammers,
But don’t like carpenters
Unless they know their place;
Be a mason,
But deny you are a mason.
Never go on a bus;
Like cricket and rugby
But hate football,
I mean soccer.
Get married,
To a woman,
Must be white,
Ignore your wife,
After having a son,
And then ignore him,
By sending him
To Eton or Harrow,
And then continue the cycle
By returning to line five.


My learned Lord says of “the political football” and the judicial system that “Over this hangs a cloud of political correctness. Behind it is something sinister.”

Source: https://footballpoets.org/poems/lord-denison-says-the-judicial-system-is-being-treated-as-a-political-football/