1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 In Europe they seek the foe, infiltrate and eliminate
Non domestic urgency as the Reds exterminate
Year in and out the premiership by far is secondary
Destroy the foreign invader using any means necessary
Beat off Everton for the uncreditable fourth part
Whilst bestowing the faithful a habitual assault of the heart
As Monsieur Wenger’s aristocrats took a trip up north
For this season no more nomadic roving back and forth
But a shock lay await, one very expensive
As Rafa’s men unexpectedly decided to go offensive
Mesmerising move, Diaby applying the coup de grace
Bullet from Mount Hyppia was all it took to erase
Torres El Nino nimble as a silver fox
A magic moment as little Theo burned his cotton socks
And despite Toure’s inelegance adding to the strife
The end result was worse as Babel twisted the knife
Rafa, your specialist subject is the Champions league
The only confederacy where your boys get combat fatigue
Europa make note, take a respectful bow
You might as well hand over the silverware now



Rafa is the mastermind, the special one, the master of all master tacticians!

What a night! – I felt sorry for the Arsenal as I’d taken a tour of the Emirates that day, even sitting in Monsieur’s lucky number 13 seat on the bench!

Source: https://footballpoets.org/poems/mastermind-2/