More than just football

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 I never realised, just how important, Millwall was to me,
Those magnificent Lions, my beloved M.F.C.
from walking the Old Kent Rd, or into the Den,
to walk the walk, where our men are men,
the team comes out to that Millwall roar,
our eyes well up, our heart beats do soar,
C’mon don’t tell me, you all feel the same,
Na of course you all don’t, not Millwall, now that’s a shame,
You can’t feel like me, if you ain’t Millwall,
it’s more about life in Bermondsey, not just football,
When we arrived in force, to Hungry’s Budapest,
No One Likes Us, we were put to the test,
even our “Souf London Ol Bill” were there with us,
we didn’t mind, nor any fuss
we were leagues apart from anything seen,
the locals my friends, by then the end of it, knew we’d been,
arriving home with all intact,
reading the papers, all fictional fact,
for as you all know, we are simply Millwall,
It will always be more to us, than just football.

Source: https://footballpoets.org/poems/more-than-just-football/