NIGHTMARE THEATRE ……a disenchanted fan muses

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 They’ll wear that crown today, I’m sure
The title will be won
Old Trafford’s hopes will sink and fade
In the setting of the sun..
Henry’s absence will not matter
His power they won’t miss
As Freddy’s threat’s both true and real..
His goals evoke great bliss.
But at the back, United’s bane
Is once again, defence
The passing, tackling, distribution
Shows little common sense!
The centre back is really wan
And should retire, I feel
The transfer from Inter Milan
Was hardly worth the deal…
All medal hopes are lost and gone
The cabinet left bare
Not even a Charity shield to share
No joy for Juan Veron!
The Gunners need to win or draw
And complete a splendid season
(I feel the former will suffice)
And believe this with good reason!
France ’98..A World Cup year
The ‘double’ was won in style
Four years on will be the same
And sanction Arsene’s smile

Source: https://footballpoets.org/poems/nightmare-theatre-a-disenchanted-fan-muses/