No Change In Site ..(On Longing To Evolve)

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 it’s hard to pin-point how we solve
the burning need here to evolve
and so enlarge for all to see
this range of football poetry
when hands are tied like ships to shore
but long to offer so much more
and long to shine like stars at night
but still we see no ‘change in site!’

2 Leave a comment on verse 2 0 our old Webmaster’s long and gone
he left us here to carry on
to hold down jobs til day is done
and so the site’s a thing for fun
it’s funding that we long and lack
and when it’s found we won’t look back

3 Leave a comment on verse 3 0 we started out – back in 2K
and some of us remain today
and though it brought a dawning age
we still don’t even fill the page!
we cannot scan or re-arrange
or implement some online change
for nine long years restricted still
we add – delete but have no skill
its’ strange to see a shot of me
when I had barley turned fifty!

4 Leave a comment on verse 4 0 no funds nor time to re-create
and re-design a home so great
a stadium so new and tough
that’s fit for football prose and stuff
we try to write so neutrally
despite our own club loyalty
but get accused of lots of things
such ‘power’ editing can bring!

5 Leave a comment on verse 5 0 we are not digit’lly inclined
we’re poets who can barely rhyme
we write it up we write it down
so how come now we’re still around?
as long as we remain alive
we dream some figure will arrive
a someone who can re-alight
our antiquated football site



We received a message from Greg in Australia this week about the limitations of the site etc; which prompted this outburst poem..
It’s all true .3 editors – two in Ireland (Clik & Peter) and myself… and all we can do is change poems ,add and delete poems, add biogs, with access only to the three columns Butler’s Bench,(Hi Stu!) Clik The Mouse and Crispin’s Corner. basically. Mad i know. We’ve been here before of course many times..but here goes again……….!

The Football Poets WEBSITE was created in June 2000 for Euro 2000 and for fun .We’ve been trying to improve and up-date the site for years …..it’s like an antiquated old crumbling but surviving football ground..

We ‘ve had new designs done in the past, but no one as yet can take it where it should go…to maybe make it more interactive etc…international translation..personalised facilities, best poems, top poems,favourite poems sections: clubs, grounds, league and non-league, grass roots, Internationals, FA Cup, Setanta Cup, Carling, World Cup, African Cup Of Nations, competions in South America ,Asia , Australasia and beyond, Champions League, EUFA Cup, Players, Women’s Fotball, Racism, Nostalgia, etc ;

It doesn’t even fill the page!…W can’t access or even change the
pictures..which is why nothing’s changed since 2001!.
But it’s ours…..people contribute amazing stuff…..it’s the largest in the world..we’ve been archived by the BRITISH LIBRARY…and we love it ..and so do thousands….judging by the hits.

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All help, new ideas to take it forward and offers of support/progress ideas as ever most welcome! Best Wishes/Sob-Sob! Crispin

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