Oh woe West Ham!

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At St James Park
Oh no through closed eyes
Another catastrophe
Leaks through the sieve
Dripping sombrely
Through porous holes
Of West Ham’s fondest
Hopes of another European
Campaign next season
Typical West Ham
It could only happen
To them again
Yesterday the absurdity
Of bonkers scenario
Goals raining down
On our Easter Parade
But then the Hammers
Conform to the usual
Just when you thought
It was safe to assume
That maybe, maybe
It could have been
Another pivotal day
When centrifugal forces
Were on their side
Sadly, just horrendous
3-1 up and cruising
When suddenly
The steam roller
In black and white stripes
Flattened claret and blue
Delusions of grandeur
For that is how it seems
Never remotely reminiscent of
Early season
Metronomic rhythms
When firstly Chelsea,
Then Spurs, Manchester United,
Famously at the Emirates
During festive glad tidings
When the Gooners were shocked
By the Hammers
Who must have thought
They were hallucinating
Now the status quo
Is no longer rocking all
Over the Premier League,
Yesterday claret and blue
Seasoned troopers
Bloodied, dazed by four
Fatal blows to the temples
Of their heads
Caught up in the craziest
Plot of them all
Madness in the land of
The Gallowgate revival
Geordie voices
Back at their mellifluous
Best, serenading the Angel
Of the North
Newcastle may be wiping
Disbelieving bliss
From faces of pure
Don’t hold them back
David Moyes
Looks away in horror
At the scene of the crime
West Ham fallen from the heights
Eddie Howe temporarily livid
When West Ham scored
From debatable sources
Surely not a free kick
But given nonetheless
Comedy of errors
After the Hammers trio
Of goals when the game
Seemed beyond the reach
Of Tyneside attacking prowess
But then the claret and blue
Brick wall crumbles
Then totally disintegrates
Enough said
End the season now
European football again
Next season
You have to be joking
End of pier
Gallows humour
Still resides
We’ll always have

Source: https://footballpoets.org/poems/oh-woe-west-ham-2/