Phil’s Got Gloves.

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‘I’ll be Robson, you can be Shilton.
Robson’s better. He’s England Captain.
I can only play till half five, well maybe six cos teas on.
Have you seen that new yellow Liverpool kit?’
‘Yeah it’s well ace isn’t it,’
‘You go in nets first,’
‘Nah you go in,’
‘Nah you go in coz Phils gonna be out in a minute and he is bringing his gloves.’
‘He’s got gloves?’
‘Yeah them new gloves like Shilton, saw’ em in Shoot magazine,
His Dad says he saw them in Asda and he reckons he’s getting them Dalglish Silvers.’
‘Just go in nets till he comes.
If I score you have to fag it,
If I miss I’ll get it.’
‘Alright………………That missed’
‘No it didn’t, it hit the post.’
‘Nah I didn’t hear it.’
‘I ‘ll fag it anyway. We can play heads and volleys when Phil comes out.’
‘Got any swaps?’
‘None on me.’
‘How many do you need for the album?’
‘I just need Charlie Nicholas and the QPR badge and I’ve filled it.
Lucky josser I need seven.’
‘Bring em out tomorrow. Is that your mam shouting?’
‘Soz mate gotta go should have been in doing my homework.
I’m gonna get done.
Phil’ll be out in a minute with his gloves.’


Good Old Days.

Source: https://footballpoets.org/poems/phils-got-gloves/