Public Enemy!

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Whistle blower
Card show-er
Score counter

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Penalty giver
Decision maker
Grief giver

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Offside teller
Time watcher
Player pointer

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No hoper
Zebra wearer
Teller off-er!

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This poem is a kenning written at the Portsmouth City Museum at a boys literacy event for Year 8 lads, in conjunction with the Portsmouth Education Business Partnership. Staff from the Pompey Study Centre encouraged the lads to kick footballs at a goal full of words that were hanging from the crossbar. Once each lad had a word, they were put into 3 groups to focus on creating a kenning, incorporating thier words, about either a referee, a goalkeeper (David James) or a striker (Peter Crouch). Each group presented their kenning for the others to guess the subject.

Source: https://footballpoets.org/poems/public-enemy/