1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 Is it wrong to gloat
Ear to ear grin across your boat?
Not when you’ve had a week like this
Exhilaration pure football bliss!
First up were the Thugs and Muggers
I really hate the south-west London buggers!
Even when we turned out our second string
Their strongest team achieved nothing.
The actual game was somewhat subdued
Our fans weren’t even that rude
Some of us struggled to crank up the passion
But we managed to up to a fashion.
Even if it wasn’t our First Team out
We still knew what the fixture was about.
Next up was the FA Trophy game
When we wanted more of the same
Playing Leatherhead was down to fate
It just had to be after ‘Wall-gate’.
How they reacted won’t be forgotten.
Haranguing the ref
To call the game off
Then going on Twitter
To laugh and scoff!
They were two down
With twelve left on the clock
When part of the wall fell
Block by crappy breeze block
Having the cheek to blame our fans
For a cowboy wall built on sand.
Inevitable losing the re-arranged game
In our direction STILL apportioning blame.
But we clinched the title
On the last day of the season
For that lot to have joined us
Would have been football treason.
So on the glorious day
When we finished top
The great news came through
Of their flop.
Levred missing the play-off
Was the icing on the cake
We had a huge party
While you had your wake.
The sad thing is
You were once a decent club
But not an ounce of decency
And there’s the rub
All you had to do
Was say sorry
And show some concern
The fact there was a boycott
From your boardroom brigade
Will help make the injustice
Of ‘Wall-gate’ to fade.
It shows up your club
As having no class
Right down there
With a prison grass.
When it comes to football
You’re the lowest of the low
But to match the Thugs and Muggers
You’ve a way to go.
Call me old fashioned but I’m old school
Don’t want to come across nasty or cruel
But t*****g are the only rivals for me
You two bob Tanners
Can fade into obscurity!



( The ‘traditional’ rivals of Dulwich Hamlet are t*****g & mitcham united. Leatherhead matched them in the ‘hate stakes’. following the abandonment of a game at their ground last season when we were 2-0 up, with 12 minutes left, an unsafe wall collapsed, they put pressure on the referee for the game to be abandoned, blamed our fans…and beat us in the replayed game, which was ordered by the League officials. We went up as champions, they missed out on the play-offs by losing on the last day, and t*****g finished nowhere. We met both over the last few days in cup matches. Last Tuesday our ‘second squad’ being t*****g’s first choice side 1-0 in the League Cup, and yesterday we beat Levred 3-0 in the FA Trophy. A great week to be a Dulwich Hamlet fan!)

Source: https://footballpoets.org/poems/rivals-2/