1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 In this modern era of communication
Finding out the latest is a frustration
Flitting between computer and work
There’s a limit how much to shirk.
Unlike the Likely Lads
Am desperate for the score
Feed me the information
I want more.
Updates are slow or don’t exist
I don’t know what I have missed.
Piecing it together bit by bit
My heart rate increasing this is it!
As far as I can make out
We’ve won two one
And Maidstone have been held
At home by Leiston.
Who needs ecstasy or crack cocaine
I’m really buzzing this is insane!
Top of the pile
Absolutely crazy
Can’t switch off my smile
But it’s soon to get hazy.
Even though I’m a prophet of doom
Wasn’t expecting imminent gloom.
At the bus stop on my way out
Answer my phone to an angry shout
Two one up wasn’t the final score
If you’d punched me in the stomach
Couldn’t have hurt more.
Dodgy late penalty we had to concede
Turns out we had thrown the lead.
At that very moment I had the huff
But that wasn’t bad enough.
Not only did they score
So it sounded like a draw
Bugger Bognor added two more!
I’m seasoned enough to know
Football kicks you in the teeth
But from two one to four two
Is beyond belief!
To say I’m shellshocked
Is understatement of the year
I think if I was there
I’d be back on the beer!
It’s not that I expect to finish
Top of the table
Though on our day
We’re more than able.
Being rubbish I can cope
But there’s nothing worse
Than the hope!
Totally gutted
Back to square one
Looking forward to Concord Rangers next week
What’s done is done.



( At work yesterday, I was keeping an eye on the internet and messageboards for updates from Dulwich Hamlet, away to Bognor Regis Town. By the time the game should have finished, & I left work at five, the ‘latest’ was we’d come back from 0ne down, to 2-1 up. Maidstone had drawn, so I left work thinking we were top of the Ryman League! A few minutes later a mate who was at the game, phoned me, ranting about a dodgy penalty. When he did I assumed we’d drawn, and was even more gobsmacked when I realised we’d then lost 4-2. Such is football…)

Source: https://footballpoets.org/poems/shellshocked/