“So Endeth The Dream”

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Don’t think I don’t give a damn
But this could be the day we meet our match
If we win it would be such a catch.
With low expectations the hurt is less
Is that what I’m trying to address?
‘No pain, no gain’ is what they say
Which is why I’m going to watch us play
Time to rally the troops, sing and cheer
Like to kid myself I’ve influence here.
Over the last couple of years
We’ve come on leaps and bounds
Our support’s the talk
Of many Isthmian grounds.
On the train past Wembley
Arch to my right
That Cup run pot of gold
Almost in sight.
We need the money to boost the team
Things aren’t as rosy as they seem.
Could just be me a negative old git
Who can’t make sense of all of it
Suffered so much failure year by year
Could some glory be so near?
No understatement to say
It’s so overdue
The First Round Proper
Would be such a coup.
Two rounds to go
To covet that dream
Not so far away
As it may seem.
They say pride comes
Before a fall
But progress an extra two more
And it’s the Lions of Millwall!



(Sadly I wrote on the train to our 3rd qualifying round FA Cup match. I say sadly, because the final score was Hemel Hempstead Town 3, Dulwich Hamlet 1. And so my dreaming of a cup run was over)

Source: https://footballpoets.org/poems/so-endeth-the-dream/