Sold to the fans in the Toon.

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 Dear Mister Ashley,We’ll be in touch soon
We have finally raised enough money
To lodge a bid for OUR toon
We have sold all our programmes
Which took us years to collect
We have even sung carols outside Sports Direct.
At boot sales and on E-Bay
We sold material things
Such as cars and our houses
And the wives wedding rings.
Our treasurer has informed us
Despite us raising a few quid
That you’re now seeking millions
Who are you trying to kid.
Our club is in turmoil
Heading straight down the pan
Or is championship football
All part of your plan.
History and tradition
Are ours to preserve
And respect and commitment
Is the very least we deserve.
So we beg you Mister Ashley
Now you have had your bit fun
Return the club to the people
And head off to the sun.



No one in football needs to remind us that it is 40 years coming up since we last won a trophy, but during all those barren years I doubt if any loyal United fan has ever felt so disilusioned as we are now.

Source: https://footballpoets.org/poems/sold-to-the-fans-in-the-toon/