Spain reign on the plains

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 Oh girls how close you came
To emulating the men of
57 years ago
But women of the world
Step forward
Glowing with pride
With a fresh breath of Prosecco
In the air
To show we cared
It was destined to be England
But then fate changed its mind
As it normally does
Still, onwards and upwards
In celebration of how far
You’ve come
Still in the bodegas of Seville
And the financial heartbeat of Madrid
To the alluring charms of Benidorm,
And tourist magnets of the Costas
Thriving industries
Let’s charge our glasses
Since Millie, Lucy, Georgia,
And the inimitable lady by
The name of Russo
Striking when the iron
Was indeed hot
Jess, darting, jinking, overlapping
In relentless circles
Feminine wiles and styles
Obvious intuition
But we knew that anyway
Sadly though last night
Their cups of human kindness
And decency to all who made
This World Cup possible
Were sadly empty
Like a dusty chest of drawers
With documents yellow, fraying
And old
But ladies this is not the end
Of the fairy story
Your chapters have been our
Reasons for believing in you
Time for new frontiers
Journeys into the unknown
Who knows
Maybe the men and women
Will meet again
On the same day and time
With the Jules Rimet trophy
Trembling with excitement
In eager hands
World Cup trophies to flaunt
A joyous coincidence
Wondrous days
For ever
Over and over again



Spain beat England in the women’s World Cup Final. England will be back again.

Source: https://footballpoets.org/poems/spain-reign-on-the-plains/