St George

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2 Leave a comment on verse 2 0 June 10th fluttering proudly, destiny awaiting,
Later, blinding white, resplendent in the heat,
Hopes expand, fears diminish, expectation grows,
3 games gone, and one conceded,
Solid defence, like our island, holding firm for a millennium,
Live the dream, whisper it quietly less spoken thoughts provoke disillusion,
Gusts crack the nylon, scarlet glows in the basking sun,
Belief is strong, fortune is with us, nation expectant now,
23 minutes, sun shining, flag steadfast in its lofty perch,
Then a moment of magic, followed closely by cruel twist of fate,
Falling, falling, falling, monitor showing flatline,
Clouds mask the sun, gusts diminish, flaccidity takes hold,
In evenings’ glow of summer solstice, slowly lowered,
Not so suddenly our desires, which fell to earth on this our longest day


What it is to dream, if only for a short while.
How much better to be Scottish, and never have to dream at all.

Source: https://footballpoets.org/poems/st-george/