“Stones on a Roll”

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 One good thing
About being an old skool
Dinosaur of a fan
Is knowing, just knowing
That we are going
For certain
To lose today.
It will be a clash of styles
On and off the pitch
Their traditionalists
Screaming abuse at us
Thinking we’re the
Nouveau leftie student rich.
I’m going more
In anticipation
Intrigued to see
How our fans cope
With their antagonisation.
Wealdstone are top of the table
And deservedly heading
Up to Conference South
They will go
Leaving us in the play-offs below.
It’s seems half of the league
Say good riddance to them
But I speak as I find
I’m not one to condemn.
There’s a fine line between passion
And mistaken for yobs
I’ve nothing wrong with foul-mouthed
Coming out of their gobs.
We all use ‘Anglo-Saxon’
Especially in SE22
But that’s no excuse to attack how we dress
Or wear Pink with our Blue.
Instead of trying
To wind us up rotten
Wouldn’t it be great
If our differences
Were forgotten?
Lets just have
Two sets of fans
Passionately backing their team
With end to end football
That non-league fans like me
Crave for and dream.



We were away to Wealdstone yesterday, they were top of the table, and their fans have quite a bad reputation. Today they were superb, we drew 2-2, and outsung them!! At Dulwich Hamlet we have never had a problem with them.

Source: https://footballpoets.org/poems/stones-on-a-roll/