The Arkaga Cataclysm

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 Little Jim he started off investment rolling in
This tied us to Arkaga Trust, such irony and chagrin
Aidan Tynan talked the talk his promises inconceivable
Spent money like Viv Nicholson, was hardly that believable
Discussion after meeting him, more suspicious by the hour
A multi million stadium? Did we come on the last shower?
These “intelligent businessmen” filled us with intrigue
Did they really expect to get rich from our paltry eircom league?
Next greyhound man was moving on, what is that funny smell
An odour such that we was pushed, before he tripped and fell?
Rumours were abound that we had debts out of control
Pat Kenny came with shovel; did he know size of the hole?
In recent weeks the word had spread that wages were not paid
Storm clouds gathering overhead, players and fans betrayed

2 Leave a comment on verse 2 0 Woke up on Thursday morning, text from Crow at ten to eight,
was all about Examinership, future not looking great
A feeling then came over me, twas one I’d felt before
A sickly nervous gut wrench that my club would be no more
No time for finger pointing but that didn’t stop the few.
Blaming Brian Lennox, some folk just don’t have a clue
How did we go so far in debt? By spending all their money?
Transfers? Sponsors? Gate receipts? It isn’t even funny
Arkaga plea for someone new, they’ve played their final card
Honourary fellowships, no more for thee, Gerard
Its heart warming at times like these to see how fans react
Normally at each others throats, have gone and formed a pact
The most important thing FORAS is that our club subsists
Not follow Alberts, Hibs & Celtic into the abyss



My club Cork City FC is on the verge of extinction, since we were bought by venture capital firm Arkaga they say the have ploughed in 2.4 million and announced last week that we are now 1.3 million in debt, this week we went into Examinership, sold another striker to Reading for pittance and are desperately in search of a new owner, sugar daddies please apply or failing that please support FORAS the Cork City Supoprters trust at http://www.forastrust.ie

Source: https://footballpoets.org/poems/the-arkaga-cataclysm/