The Women’s World Cup 2023

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The ladies are in the house
World Champions? It could
Be our time and place
So just a whole lot of
Deference and appreciation
For the girls
Already European Champions
This would be the icing on
The marzipan or the
Delicious apple pie
An epicurean delight
We’re ready to salute you
Lucy Bronze and Beth Mead
Prepared for historic feats
One in the eye
For the boys and gentlemen
Oh quite definitely
Last November outclassed
By the Gallic garlic
Of French cuisine
Olivier Giroud
Right place,
Right time
And of course vital header
It was never likely
To be a night
Without Gareth’s
Fashionable waistcoat
But this time
The girls are breathing fire
About to deliver the coup de grace
Emulating and hopefully surpassing
Male muscularity
Perhaps going beyond
Our wildest dreams
And lifting the trophy
Down under
On the other side of the world
How exotic
No Aussie rules
Just English beef
And a pint of champagne
At the end of it all
For 1966 read
The distaff
Side of the equation
Steely femininity
Eyes on the ball
No koalas or wombats
To disturb the calm,
Cool professionalism
Just level heads and sang froid
Equanimity and chips
Please with apple pie
For dessert
Ladies, you’ve got this one
It’s England’s year
Undoubtedly so
Come on girls
You know you can do it



My take on the women’s World Cup. Let’s hear it for the Lionesses.

Source: https://footballpoets.org/poems/the-womens-world-cup-2023/