Thrilled By it All

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 so how do you feel now the season has gone
and the summer is finally here
when you’ve waited so long it went on and on
for those four years to pass like the sky –
when it’s time to forget the struggle and fight
to survive or to fail or achieve
for this is the time when the heart and the mind
become stronger the more we believe –
and you talk about pride and the passion inside
but the rest just feels suddenly small
and it’s only a trophy but listen it’s here
for it’s time to be thrilled by it all

2 Leave a comment on verse 2 0 when the flags and the scarves
line the house and streets
there ain’t nothing to beat it for me
at the ground or alone in a pub or your home
we can all come together as one
‘cause the World Cup is back
from wherever it’s been
and I love every season the same
but it’s time for the moment that gathers us in
when our clubs become distant as stars –
and I know that ’re probably thinking
that I’m crazy addicted and gone
but for once in a while we can laugh we can smile
as the Earth and the game become one
’cause you know we’ve been dreaming
and waiting so long
but we’re ready and heeding the call
who will win? I can’t say
but it’s closer each day
yes it’s time to be thrilled by it all



a football re-working especially for the World cup of Healed By A Sky and Part Of it All , two Out To Lunch song/poems I wrote a while back..which we recorded on the first Out To Lunch album On One at Lichfield green festival..in 2001.. with my poetry and music band Out To Lunch..If desperate to know more (as if) go to www.ctmuk.com/outtolunch

Source: https://footballpoets.org/poems/thrilled-by-it-all/