To Kev – You’re Not Wrong

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 To Kev, you’re not wrong,
I’m afraid you are right,
this horrible prioritising
is a ridiculous slight
on the real fans
who wouldn’t dream
of using the worst kind of abuse
to attack the other team.
It’s not as bad as the 70s,
so the authorities don’t think we should complain,
but what of the madness
that ruins our game?
What of the players,
attacked over race,
hit by words harder
than a slap in the face?
These ‘fans’ have no morals,
won’t stop coz they should,
the only way to shut them up
is if they knew we could,
take points from their club,
like Sol Campbell said,
and see how they like watching
the Blue Square instead.
So Kev isn’t wrong,
they’re more concerned by celery,
the whole stinking attitude
is pure madness to me.
So let’s dock the points,
it’s high time we did act,
to kick out the poison,
with which foot ball was once packed –
and it was once full of it,
now on the decline,
but while it’s still present,
it isn’t fine
to say that at least things
are better than before,
let’s not stand for it
ever. Not any more.



Inspired by Kev’s recent poem. Take up Sol Campbell’s proposal – fine’s don’t work, the money just isn’t enough of a blow to clubs for them to make an effort to ban the scum who subject players and other fans to racist abuse. Perhaps if it was the difference between relegation and staying up, the clubs would take notice.

Source: https://footballpoets.org/poems/to-kev-youre-not-wrong/