Universal Football Supporters Alphabet

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 A’s for the away fans lost and running late
B’s for the round ball that makes our game so great
C’s for the pin point cross to the striker’s feet
D’s for the dugout, the managers retreat
E’s for extra time and biting finger nails
F’s for the final where the victor prevails
G’s for the goalie who kept us in the game
H’s for the handball, hang your head in shame
I’s for injury from a crunching tackle
J’s for joker who makes the home fans cackle
K’s for killer pass that puts the player through
L’s for the laces tied on the golden shoe
M’s for mushy peas with meat and tatie pie
N’s for the nutmeg that somehow went awry
O’s for the off-side the linesman didn’t see
P’s for a penalty, come on referee!
Q’s for quids on the transfer list changing hands
R’s for rivalry with local derby fans
S’s for the stewards working with the cops
T’s for narrow turnstiles spinning round like tops
U’s for useless donkey playing in defence
V’s for volunteers who make the difference
W’s for win, three points without a hitch
X’s for the x-ray, stretchered off the pitch
Y’s for yellow card, which spoilt the player’s day
Z’s for zeds of sleep on the coach trip away


Source: https://footballpoets.org/poems/universal-football-supporters-alphabet/