We Do Workshops (Shameless Advertising Poem)

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 we’re just football poets with our hips and our hops
and we’re using this space to mention workshops
it might sound silly but we’re not proud
no point whispering it say it out loud
one thing reaches one thing connects
deeper than an e-mail clearer than a text
think about the reason think about why
football makes you happy football makes you cry
it might sound blatant selling our wares
advertising something but hey who cares
the message is growing no-once can deny
poetry’s a way and it’s often worth a try
we can’t change the planet but we like to get through
and we do workshops – so let’s be having you!




Calling (in rhyme) all:
Study Centres,Festivals,Libraries and Schools
Community Centres – there are no rules
anywhere you want us if the feeling is there
we’re writing it rhyming it everywhere
and we go where we like from the village to the town
Village Halls ,Museums rhyming it around..

The Footbal Poets have undertaken recent workshops in Hull,Bradford,Stroud,Liverpool(Everton Study Centre),London(Libraries & Chelsea FC)Charlton Athletic and even Brockworth!
If you would like to find out more about Football Poetry Workshops.. be it on the love of the game OR FROM football history to racism..
There are 4-5 Football Poets currently available solo (or in rhyming couplets) including myself! Although I’m solo of course.
Confused? For further Info contact Crispin Thomas by
e-mail: editors@footbalpoets.org
telephone : 01453 757376
or write to: Football Poets 4 The Retreat, Stroud Glos.GL5 2LS

A selection of children’s poems from the more recent London & Liverpool workshop poems appear in Crispin’s Corner – which is probably where I would get sent for writing this normally, if we had a CHIEF editor or headmaster at The Football Poets!

Source: https://footballpoets.org/poems/we-do-workshops-shameless-advertising-poem/