Where have all the Great Captains Gone?

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Where have all the great Captains gone?
Urging –Goading- heart on sleeve
When did all the great Captains leave?
Memories of Bremner and Mackay
For the cause prepared to die
Bobby Moore and Chopper Ron
Oh where have all our Captains gone?



Might just be me, but it seems that modern teams lack real leadership on the pitch. Even the top teams seem to give the arm band to players that lack the quality of the old style captains from back in the day. Players who might not have been the team’s best player, but who led by example and had the respect of their team mates and the opposition. A couple of incidents of late where a player has pushed the regular penalty taker out of the way because he wants to improve his stats or give his confidence a boost. Where the hell was the captain?

Source: https://footballpoets.org/poems/where-have-all-the-great-captains-gone/