Wise Buys ..Rich Guys

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 Go find me some players, scour the nation
Things are now desperate as we face relegation
And to help you to buy them
Here’s Ten thousand quid
So get value for money, before making a bid.
Forget premiership players
Their wages are obscene
And don’t ring Rafa Benitez
On Robbie I’m not Keane.
Spend my money wisely, don’t waste it on dross
I’ve just seen the rich list, and how much I have lost
So Dennis here’s your mission
Stay on red alert, to sign local youngsters
To wear the black ‘n white shirt
He has been up to Blyth Spartans
And he might sign the lot
He believes they are more ambitious
Than the ones we have got
And he’s drawn up a list of those who are going
And of course MICHAEL OWEN
So ship that lot out before the window slams shut
And add to the departure list
And if the money we raise is still not enough
We will ask for a handout
Off young DAMIEN DUFF.



The footballers rich list published last week, had Michael Owen runner up to Beckham, but also had Damien Duff well placed with a good few million in the bank.The list just about sums up the modern game for me.

Source: https://footballpoets.org/poems/wise-buys-rich-guys/