Wright In The Street

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 I was walking a couple of years ago
In Soho’s Newberg Street
I had my wee grandson in tow
And whom did we chance to meet?
Only the scorer of the all-time high
The gunner’s king of goals
With a smile to light the cloudiest sky
And a skill to fill men’s souls
My grandson was only two years old
But he had the sense to laugh
When I decided to be bold
And ask for his autograph
My grandson was carrying a birthday card
He was two years old that day
To ask out there in the street was hard
But I knew he wouldn’t say me nay
He signed the card with a mile wide smile
And he even shook my hand
That striker with speed and grace and skill
Rarely matched in all the land
If you haven’t stood on a terrace and clapped
And jumped and danced for joy
Then you’ll never know why a little old chap
Carrying a little boy
Should think it a treat to meet in the street
What is only, it is true, a man
But you who have wept when your team got beat
You, yes, I know you can.


Another little true one

Source: https://footballpoets.org/poems/wright-in-the-street/