Eugene Abrams

Hi All,

I live near Montreal, Canada and have been exploring the intersection of football and culture on and off for a number of years. In 2010, I had a large solo art exhibition at a gallery here in Montreal entitled ‘The Soccer Ballet’, which drew on mask traditions from Africa and the Commedia Dell’Arte in Italy. The objective was to depict the connection between diverse cultures through football.

As an English teacher, I have recently been creating poetry courses for students in my geographical region and have begun writing sonnets and other traditional forms of poetry as well. Most recently, based on the number of players on a side in football, I have been developing a flexible rhyme-schemed eleven line form that I’ve started using for my football poems.

As a practicing SGI Buddhist (the same form that Roberto Baggio practices) I generally try to reach toward the light, toward hope and mutual understanding in my writing. Which doesn’t stop me from writing a number of light or even cynical poems. Whatever seems to make sense for the subject at hand…

Look forward to reading your work and sharing mine.



Poems by Eugene Abrams

Source: https://footballpoets.org/poets/eugene-abrams/