with love (and nothing to do with football)

with love (and nothing to do with football)

with love

with love – we will still pull through
with love – if this is all we do
with love – when it’s beyond control
with love – from in your heart and soul
with love – when they don’t understand
with love – we will still make our stand
with love – for every living thing
with love – amid this suffering
with love – and not just flippantly
with love – with love from you and me
with love-however far that seems
with love- we must preseve this dream
with love – that we might all be free
with love – whatever comes to be
with love -though we cannot believe
with love – all of that we perceive
with love- when they all turn away
with love-we will still have our say

with love – though we may feel so few
we will go on – if this is all we do
with love -for just another day
we will be strong – and go on anyway
with love
with love
with love

in ‘light’ of all that has happened ..and far from a football poem…
i don’t mind being accused of keeping it light (hello Clik)we all have to do it it in our own way….i love this world…and with so much darkness-hatred and greed i can only express my feelings in my way…as you must all do in your way…long ago (as a child who never knew his dad)..i met him one day aged 15 for the first time.. to discover he was an intellectual ..highly political and radical beatnik artist and one of the original founder members of the CND movement who had spent his life fighting in that way for change..i guess it resulted in me fighting for freedom in a very different and un-political way….i don’t mind if no-one knows where i’m coming from …because it’s not about me it’s about us-this world and all that we try to do – to make it a better place to live in..football poetry is probably one of the most bizarre ways right now but it’s there…this site isn’t really there for the much more important stuff of life.. but t seeps through and like it or not i still expect a flood of poems about how futile football seems right now…crispin

Source: http://footballpoets.org/news/2001/09/14/with-love-and-nothing-to-do-with-football/