Foot Poems Needed! To Mend It Like Beckham (Magic Is A-Foot)

deep in the game the battle done
a nation groans as if as one
and knows that something is afoot
and sees her dreams all go kaput
and turns in anguished dread and fear
toward this country’s chosen heir
who put his foot in just too far
and now must wish upon a star
and look to untried remedies
and wheeler-healer fantasies
for this adopted football son
our pin up king and number one
whose mere inclusion on the sheet
sets world defences in retreat
and is the first in any age
to have his foot on the front page
and keeps us millions on our toes
and what will be.. Posh only knows
but we will pray as Sweden beckon
that no-one mends it quite like Beckham


© crispin 02

Source: http://footballpoets.org/news/2002/04/18/foot-poems-needed-to-mend-it-like-beckham-magic-is-a-foot/