Word Up-Event LIVE REVIEW Bradford 1.6.02

Multi-cultural moments on a multi-cultural day..

Do try and take time out to read some of the many ‘Wordup’ poems which were written and performed on the day by students from many cultures. the one day Word Up event on Saturday June 1st 2002..

The one day Word Up event on Saturday June 1st 2002,
took place simultaneously in Bradford at CLC Bolling and CLC Greenhead and was an overwhelming and unanimous success.

It was well attended and enjoyed both by the students and staff. Students from Year 6 to Year 11 drawn from schools across Bradford considered issues of Racism and wrote with skill and understanding about the issues.And we had fun too!

The FootballPoets, who regularly run workshops with schools across the country, commented on the quality of the work produced and the exciting nature of using ICT in this way. although their praise was for the students who they found to be hard working, interested and polite.

To everyone who attended: you are a credit to Bradford, the country and the World.

One City, One World, One chance.


Extract from the CLC Bolling Guestbook:

Thank you to all at CBC. It was an absolute privilege to work with such enthusiastic, talented and polite students. It was also great to see how staff gave up their time too. Our team work was brilliant – 40-50 students in on a hot Saturday – all busily thinking and writing. A great day for active citizenship – good luck to you all! And Come On England tomorrow!

The FootballPoets said:

So here we are.. elated and happy… after just having spent 4 hours locked into a football -poetry workshop on a hot saturday… with the best kids we’ve worked with in our whole lives… an incredible World Cup and freedom inspired day of writing and performing poetry..such an amazing sight, to see children from every culture queueing up and pleading to strut their stuff in front of the mike….big thanks to Keith.. and all the technical staff here ..some great poems about racism and freedom…and hey..thanks guys..to everyone who took part.. for giving up a beautiful day in the sun.. to think and write..and maybe..just maybe.. make a difference in this mixed up crazy…. but still beautiful world..

Crispin & THE FOOTBALL POETS (Stuart,Danny & Paul)

Source: http://footballpoets.org/news/2002/06/04/word-up-event-live-review-bradford-1-6-02/