what now..with becks and zola gone?

what now
with ‘becks’ to spain
and zola too –
from chelsea’s hallowed turf
long gone

who now
to steer banana blasts
past walls of steel
as if they were not there

who now to jink and weave past lunging feet
like butterflies on buddleah
or kingfishers dancing
with river-flies on lotus flowers

who now to shine on through
like sun at glastonbury
after nights of rain and mud
down by the jazz stage

remember well my child
the lion and lamb
do not have transfer fees
or wages from heaven
nor agents to secure them rights
to graze in different fields

fear not my friends
the feet and hearts still dance
and one will come
to light our saturdays

for well I know
that you and I
still will sing
like mountain lions
doing their washing by floodlight..
without washing powder..
as if nothing at all
has changed

and without fear
we face another season
another chance
for even though
all is dark
both stadia and heart
we are one

one in life and
one in football

one world
one team
one love
one dream
above all
one opportunity

like the changing seasons
be they nature or football
there is only
in the champions league of life

and think on this…

today is always only …
the day before tomorrow


Source: http://footballpoets.org/news/2003/07/04/what-now-with-becks-and-zola-gone/