Where Minnows Dream & Fuse Box 3

FUSE BOX ISSUE 3 http://www.rattapallax.com/fusebox.htm

First up a big thank you and well done to Big Mouth organiser, perfomance football poet and Bristol icon Rosemary Dun for her wonderful Fuse Box 3 collection of performance poetry from poets around the globe..It features 5 football poets/about a dozen football poems and a great miix of loads of other good performance stuff …yours truly and Stuart plus more are there (how modest to give myself a mention ) ..check it out now at…. http://www.rattapallax.com/fusebox.htm
Where Minnows Dream

what is it about the third round of the cup?

more magic than the Secret Garden
when you find yourself in it
on that great day

and more than the respite
from lower region relegation struggles
or where you are
in relation to the big three
or whether you can stay in the league at all
no – it’s deeper
and though you can’t nail it
you feel it
every time

feel it at Telford
feel it at Scarborough –
feel it at Watford
feel it at Arsenal

and just to ice it
a new year sprinkle of snow
like fairy dust
on days like this
where minnows dream

and nine or ninety – who will not feel
this is it
your year
your name on the trophy
your time to fantasize..

and scouring the games – those impossible pairings
the cup throws up .
it’s hearts in mouth time
of lambs to the slaughter or lions to the humbling
and striving from the heart
nothing to lose – nothing to fear
when you’re out of your league
with faces painted
it’s david and goliath meets school- band v Westlife
and who’s to say
this might just be your day

but tell me friend
whose neutral heart cannot but fail to leap
when Cheltenham take the lead at Fulham
with leagues between them –
or eyes strain at Kidderminster
when smoke from passing steam-trains
wafts over like fifties mists or war pea-soupers?

or Yeovil where twenty victims fell before
down Huish’s long gone and dreaded slope
or dodgy goals that did or didn’t cross that line?

and then all too soon it’s over..
no non- league team in the final
no Man United at home
no mega pay-day or trip to Anfield
not this year anyway
but hey
you know in your heart
you really need to concentrate on the league
(and staying in it)

but still – above it all..
isn’t it just the way
that always
no sadder sight to see
than one more
hand carved in love
and now discarded
fa cup
lying trampled
in the rain

Source: http://footballpoets.org/news/2004/01/04/where-minnows-dream-fuse-box-3/