Restorative Justice Part 3

I have included this piece from Parry below for a number of reasons, even though, as Parry says, it is not strictly a footie poem – but it does flow from the contextualisation we have placed upon the Dyer – Bowyer affair, so that’s one reason why it’s here. Also, I am very much involved across a number of schools with anti-bullying restorative justice at the moment and , in addition, a number of schools use our footie pieces and I want them to see this work. I will certainly perform it in assemblies and in public – it’s so powerful. Next point: when we have the time, I intend to write some anti-bullying material for, and with Crispin, to use in school workshops. I am increasingly involved in this side of life and football is fast slipping from my radar screen at the moment.So this now leads to the last point, Crispin and Clik are leading the SSWS project and that might well have a school focus in mind, and that’s where I come from, so if any of the other poets wish to act independently and organise their own books, please feel free! Anyway, excuse early Sunday morning ramblings – please read the piece below sent in by Parry Maguire ( thanks Parry) – and best wishes to you all for the rest of the season, Stuart.

l’Because of you’ – a poetic tribute taken from: http://education.independent.co.uk/news/story.jsp?story=629847

“Because of you – he never done his GCSEs to get the results he wanted.
Because of you – he never got a first job.
Because of you – he never got to say ‘I do’.
Because of you – he never got to have a family of his own.
Because of you – he never got to own his own house.
Because of you – he never got to share the wonderful moments that could have been.
Because of you – you destroyed him, his family and his friends’ lives.
Because of you – you pushed him too far.
Because of you – you took away his smile.
Because of you – you caused him unnecessary pain.
Because of you – our lives will never be the same.
Because of you – our tears will never fade.
Because of you – you made a young boy take his own life, just for fun.
Because of you – he never got to live his dreams.
Selfish people did this to Nathan and now no one’s life will ever be the same.
Because of you.”


Not strictly a football poem i know but BULLYING IS A BIG ISSUE not just in schools but across society in general; a lot of kids access this site and sadly some of them will have come into contact with this kind of cruel behaviour. This is why the actions of Bowyer and Dyer were wrong.

For those interested ChildLine have excellent resources re coping strategies which you can access at www.childline.org

Source: http://footballpoets.org/news/2005/04/17/restorative-justice-part-3/