Gypsy Chants and Traveller Rants

It’s against the law
To shout and bawl
Racialist obscenities;
Fanatics are taken from the ground,
For no-one can be allowed
To abuse players for their ethnicity
Or for the colour of their skin.
It’s a generation ago
When bananas littered the snows
Of the winter of our game,
When Asian and Black
Were routinely attacked
In the name of Ingerland.
And don’t we all now pride ourselves
On Cool Britannia?
We’re all so chic and fashionable
And we’re simply quite unable
To behave like the Spanish bourgeoisie,
Who show their fascist sympathy
Whenever they see a football player of colour
Perform for the opposition.
Why, it’s only the BNP
Who’d do anything like that,
Because we’re all rainbow this and that,
With our love of diversity
And multicultural plurality –
So why is it OK to shout anti-gypsy racist rants
And all those pikey traveller chants
That can be heard in the stadiums
Of New Millennium
Cool Britannia?
Is it ignorance or pusillanimous myopia?

More on this to follow. We were contacted about this abuse and feel we should contribute to some consciousness raising and action. More to follow.

Source: http://footballpoets.org/news/2005/05/11/gypsy-chants-and-traveller-rants/