Where the shady, sequestered sluice gate rots,
O’ergrown and canopied by all the years,
There grew some forgotten forget-me-nots,
Bespattered by the old mill race’s tears,
And there I saw my football autograph book,
Writ in the swirling waters of the weir.

It’s a magical walk into Stroud over the meadow and over the river. I sometimes can’t believe my luck to be living where I am and where I do. I count my blessings one by one, as I did with the forget me nots.Talking of which, there could be a Footballers from Flora and Fauna theme here, for any of our wordsmiths, long in city or country pent. It could carry on the eco-theme from the FA Cup Final. I fancy JJ O’Connor from NYC has done something on the lines of football players with the names of fish etc, but there is a whole world of nature out there just teeming with footballers’ lives and names just awaiting a pen and rhymester. Do I hear a Summerbee ready to while away the close season? (PS Mick would have been in that long lost and forgotten autograph book; his elder brother, John, lives in Stroud , as did Mrs. Summerbee at the last time of asking, just along from the sluice gate.)

Source: http://footballpoets.org/news/2005/06/01/fame/