Damiano Tommasi

I’m writing this at 6 in the morning with a golden moon shining on the frost and I’m only half awake so apologies for any mistakes – but I read a fascinating feature in the Observer a couple of weeks ago by Barbara McMahon. Damiano Tommasi has come back from injury at Roma and has asked to be paid the minimum wage only. He pointed out that even that rate would be more than many of his compatriots receive. His stance has attracted the attention of the Pope, apparently. The article quotes a Roma website – “His head is never in the clouds, his words are always moderate, he has strong moral values”. Tommasi is conscious of his responsibility as a role model and also seemingly conscious of how football is a religion to some: “Kids see us as idols and we have to give a good example…This is a joy but also a big responsibility.” Perhaps our writer in residence in Italy, Mr. Jones, or anybody else might have the time or inclination at some point to pen a piece about this story?
Best regards, Stuart; and good luck to all your teams today unless, I regret to say, your team is playing Swindon Town. Crikey, I can’t even remember who we’re playing…ah, yes, Port Vale away..what a splendid name.

Source: http://footballpoets.org/news/2005/11/19/damiano-tommasi/