‘I Was There’ Wombwell School Football Poems

from Students at Wombwell School. Nr Barnsley 14.5.09

I’m including a few poems below from the sessions . It’s so hard sometimes, to really come out of ourselves and express our deepest feelings in words , especially in front of others or in the close confines of a class setting among friends. Being in the spacious surrounding of a stunning modern library, as we were , really helps. The poems were created and read aloud on the day and give a flavour and idea of the general theme of ‘Being There’ , perhaps at a match or just a moment in your life. Big thanks to Wombwell for the invitation and to all the students for humbly giving up Maths and Science (!) to be there! Crispin

“During the football poetry workshops Crispin encouraged pupils to be creative and did this using his own personal experiences. This engages the pupils and allowed them to feel more secure about expressing themselves. Pupils created their own poems about an event in their lives that had something to do with sport. The scope was widened from just football to ensure all pupils could participate and write about something they were passionate about. Pupils created some stunning poems and gained confidence within their own work to be more creative and imaginative. ”
S.Totty .English Dept.Wombwell School.” Barnsley

I Was There

I was there when it began
When the snow fell to the ground
That cold January day
When we scraped past Blackpool

I was there at Anfield
When my heart stopped
The crowd went silent
As Brian Howard got a 94th minute goal

I was there as we hosted Chelsea
That day my heart belonged to football
As our striker headed the ball
All my dreams came true
As the ball shook the back of the net

By Ryan Butterworth


Get In There!!!!

The final five there’s no better feeling
you feel so alive but the losers need healing.
We sing and roar wanting goals galore
We jump around with a mighty sound.

We jump right over that touchline wall
Trying to grab that prestigious ball
Reaching touching the holy ground
Crowds of people running around.

Running up to players giving them hugs
Will their faces be on my coffee mugs?
Losing your friends getting lost in the crowd
You’re not bothered because you’re so proud

Singing Que Sera what will be will be
We’re all going to ‘Wemb-erley’
Sometimes dreams really do come true
Chelsea are out and Barnsley are through

Get in there!!!!

Luke. Tomlinson 9h

No-One Could Stop Me

I slowly pushed my way through.
Past the roaring heaving mass
I’ve never ever done this before

Something made me
Forget the outcome…

My friends had said
It’s great and exciting
It’s more difficult if you’re small

I finally broke my way through
and over the top
I felt a huge sigh of relief

I’ve never been on the pitch before
And yes it’s normally banned
But then it was the last game of the season

And no-one could stop me…

Jake Allert
Jake Raynor


The Match

I go to watch the match each week
I hear them chanting in the street

Getting ready for the game
We’ll not let our enemies put us to shame

The game begins the fans all roar
In the very first minute we score

One nil up a penalty for sure
Our main defender has broken his jaw

We all stand up we yell we scream
All shouting at the other team

Our sub is on we miss a goal
Because the ball has hit the pole

The whistle goes we’ve reached half time
Let’s all go and grab a pie

Second Half the other team scores
Their supporters all applaud.

We end even 1-1 the score
But next time we’ll be back for more

Keep It Up!

When I played
for my old school teem
I scored a goal

I felt scared at first
then I got excited
when we won

after the match
we all sang and laughed
as we got changed

when I got home
my mum said
“well done son
keep it up ”

BY Luke Peel 9E

Do Or Die

But it’s much more than that

Not much time left
We are in extra time
Do or die

Deadly silence
Followed by a deafening roar
We are level

The whistle blows
Signalling the end
It’s spot kick time

Penalty shoot out

But its much more than that


We Are Barnsley

Football is belief
Football is addictive
Football is passion

You say football
We say football

You go to the ground the crowd is roaring
The other team has no chance of scoring
Some people think it’s really boring
I just think it’s totally adoring

You say football
We say football

At half time I went for a sausage roll
I thought to myself- come on Hume give us a goal !
We kick back with straight on attack
Hume sends the keeper on his back

You say football
We say football

The final whistle came around
The away team’s hearts are in the ground
We kept chanting to the boys
We made their team look just like toys

“We are Barnsley super Barnsley from Oakwell
We are Barnsley super Barnsley from Oakwell ”

Luke Bamford


Manchester United At Fulham

The atmosphere was ecstatic.
There was Rooney Ronaldo
Tevez and Giggs.

Everyone was jumping
To the sound of the United beat.
“Champions of England
Champions of Europe.”

Craven Cottage
is a lot older
than Old Trafford
by many a year

We won the game
it was fantastic .

The United fans
did not sit down at all
during the game.
It was like a dream come true.

Premier League Champions once again!
“Champions of England
Champions of Europe.”

By Liam Stuart.

Source: http://footballpoets.org/news/2009/05/19/i-was-there-wombwell-school-football-poems/