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Football Poets on Facebook Début Poem of The Week:

17 Mar Semi Final Day david osgerby
Welcome to Football Poets David. Great debut poem and fine re-working of the St Crispin’s Day speech. (NB: No favouritism whatsoever re St Crispin also being the inspiration for our editor’s Shakespeare driven name of course!) More please.
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Football Poets on Facebook Nostalgia Poems of The Week~

1 When the Groundsman Rested Alex Saynor ~
Moving pastoral piece by Football Poets ‘new boy’ Alex here in a When Saturday (Morning) Comes ‘Peace v Over-Zealous Parents’ vein.

2 My Bloody Bilston Début Haiku
Robbie Kennedy Bennett ~
Our loyal and popular football poet Robbie re-lives a bloody (awful ) moment !

3 Life, Football and Mandela Gacina Bozidar
Our long time Paris-based football poet and one time resident of former Yugoslavia) gets emotional, in his own unique style about all things memorable, coincidental and poignant on the World Cup in S.Africa and Brazil, Mandela and more.

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