1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 Justice at last, is it really?
Will those who’re at fault ever pay?
Or keep drawing pensions and lying,
About what occurred on the day?
And passing the blame to the innocent,
Like they’ve done right from the start,
Now we are sure they were lying,
We’ve always known that in our heart.
Maybe they’ll face prosecution?
Or claim they’re too ill for a trial,
Or keep up pretence they know nothing,
The truth hurting more than denial!
At least now the truth’s been uncovered,
Those seeking the justice, so pleased,
It doesn’t bring back those they lost then,
But surely their grieving part-eased.
We should expect more from our police force,
Judiciary and our MPs,
We don’t expect lies and buck-passing,
But we expect honesty, please.
Mistakes, though so serious, happen,
Much worse what occurred, we can rue,
From changing the statements of witnesses,
To saying, “there’s nowt we can do”
Decision today is the right one,
But why has it taken so long?
Near thirty year wait for the verdict,
We all knew they’d always got wrong.
This not just a verdict for Liverpool,
Its bigger. Affects every fan,
We go to the football, supporting our team,
They can’t, but thank goodness we can.
This finally clears up the reasons,
For why it occurred on the day,
I hope it brings some sort of peace now,
There’s 96 reasons to say:-,
“As fellow fans, we support justice,
We’re glad these decisions are right,
For the first time in 27 years,
Sleep peacefully in bed tonight”


Written on the day of the second Hillsborough inquest which decided the police were to blame and the fans were not

Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/justice-3/