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Liverpool – FA Cup winners 2022!

Chelsea 0-0 Liverpool
Liverpool win 6-5 on pens

Dogged Trent, Hendo, Mane
Salah hands Jota the wheel
Virgil off, but there’s Matip and Konate
Mentality monsters are real

Both sides do all but score
Relentless Diaz with the tricks
Time runs out on the dance floor
It’s all down to penalty kicks

Is there a more end to end nil nil?
Glory for which German Schnauzer?
Klopp’s pesky Reds so know the drill
It’s Tsimikas the Greek Scouser

Liverpool ain’t finished yet
Could still be four, or three
A season never to forget
And there’s still that trip to Paris

14 05 22

© emdad rahman

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5 April, 1902
Scotland one
England one
Match unfinished

9 March, 1946
Bolton Wanderers nil
Stoke City nil
Bolton win two nil on aggregate

2 January, 1971
Rangers one
Celtic one

11 May, 1985
Bradford City nil
Lincoln City nil
Match abandoned after forty-two minutes

29 May, 1985
Juventus one
Liverpool nil
Juventus win the European Cup

15 April, 1989
Liverpool nil
Nottingham Forest nil
Match abandoned after five minutes

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John Henry


JOHN HENRY (with apologies to the folk song…)

When John Henry was a baby, sittin’ on his Daddy’s knee,
he held out a tiny red football, said
“Soccer’s goin’ to be the death of me, Lordy, lord,
soccer’s goin’ to be the death of me.”

John Henry told his Captain, “A man ain’t nothin’ but a man,
before I let that Prem. League beat me down
I will die with my dollars in my hands,
yes I will, die with my dollars in my hands.”

John Henry asked Barca’s Chairman, “Now, can we hear you sing?”
“We’ve got our Rebel 12, plans are confirmed,
we’ll soon see the crowds flock in —
and then you’ll hear those cash tills ring!”

John Henry took that Super League track with those 12 Euro clubs by his side,
but he left Jurgen Klöpp and the First Team squad
Walking Alone! — Hung out to dry!
Left in the dark — Hung out to dry…

John Henry tried to climb a mountain,
but the mountain was too high,
“Without the fans, it was not a viable plan,
All I can do is apologize —
You can see, I have tears in my eyes.”

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The Legend That Is St John RIP

looking back
I realize I had the fortune
to see the legend that is St John
play many times
usually at ‘The Bridge’
but only ever once stood
on that fabled Kop
and that was by mistake

it happened
one auspicious Bank Holiday
when my good mate John and I
who’d hitched up from London
in snow and cold
having gone in in by the wrong gate*
found ourselves to be
the only two Blues fans
perched in that towering end

but so it was
and setting off early morning
from that misty M1 laybye
and taking in friendly drivers
and icy motorways
we made it just in time
for the Anfield clash with Chelsea
that freezing Boxing Day in 66

but what a welcome from Liverpool fans
for us and our ‘keeper Bonetti
and then it started the rhythmic clapping
“clap clap clap clap
clap clap -clap clap St John!”
and so it swelled around the ground
until linked with stamped feet to keep out the chill
it enveloped you totally

even if you followed another side
there was a jaunty and unmistakable
swagger and impishness about Ian
passion style and grit
but like Greavesie
his TV pundit partner to be
always a smile when he played

what a player and character though
“you mustn’t take yourself too seriously”
he once said
but when you played against him
St John was some handful
and you needed to be on your toes
because…relentless and creative
he’d flit in and out all game
like some annoying wasp

he was awesome as ever that day for the Reds
we’d gone up hoping to tie in a Cavern visit
but closed for the holidays it wasn’t to be
but the Mersey sound that filled our ears that day
She Loves You… Ee Aye Addio O and the rest
bellowed down from the mighty Kop
and we in our blue and white knitted scarves
were fair fodder and shared mince pies from
the ‘Pool fans amid their Christmas bonhomie

and when you stopped
I grew to love your often infuriating
but mad Saint & Greavesie show
you will be long missed Ian
an integral part of a great team in a great time

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Champions relinquish crown

Liverpool 1-4 Man City

City triumph at Anfield
Last seen 2003
Goal fest after Gundogan
Skied his penalty

Gundogan amends
Four minutes after the break
Salah may have levelled
But the German drove the stake

Sterling makes it three
Foden has the net breaking
Alisson’s errors leave City
As champions in the making

07 02 21

© emdad rahman

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Seagulls take the points

Liverpool 0-1 Brighton

It’s three wins on the trot
With the Seagulls in good form
Potter’s boys handle it good
Cooking up a real storm

City have beaten Burnley
It’s three points we need
Still it is a surprise
When Brighton take the lead

City are seven clear
The visitors are on a roll
Phillips is unlucky in clearing
Alzate with the only goal

03 02 21

© emdad rahman

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Salah double sinks Hammers

West Ham 1-2 Liverpool

Mane out, Bobby on the bench
Klopp’s champs are back in the race
Redmen march on London
Mo Salah with an awesome brace

Liverpool with a ruthless lesson
Wijnaldum adds to the fun
Dawson with a consolation
End of West Ham’s winning run

Salah with a stunning finish
Caressing the loop from Shaqiri
A scintillating counter-attack
Class prod past Fabianski

31 01 21

© emdad rahman

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League leaders held at Anfield

Liverpool 0-0 Man Utd

It’s just like the old days
When United led from the top
Cautious on the offensive
They played intending to stop

Liverpool on the other hand
Struggled with fluency
Looking just a little jaded
Are that killer front three

No goals for three games
Yet Alisson was the catch
Foiling United a few times
He’s my man of the match

17 01 21

© emdad rahman

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Saints topple the champs

Southampton 1-0 Liverpool

It’s been over five hours
Saints failed to hit the board
With his old club in town
That man Ings just scored

Not a shot on target
Surely it would get better
But the Saints rearguard
Followed it to the letter

In the South Coast
We failed to get to grips
With three points dropped
Our rivals lick their lips

04 12 20

© emdad rahman

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Geordies call the Toon

Newcastle 0-0 Liverpool

Steve Bruce’s Newcastle
Hold the fort without fear
During the the final game
Of this very strange year

Yet that was the first half
Thiago and Trent combine
Mane’s scrambled effort
Is cleared off the line

Alisson denies Clark
Newcastle remained stable
With Spurs game postponed
We still lead the table

30 12 20

© emdad rahman

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