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Manchester City beaten

At long last
City have
Fallen on
Stony ground
Spurs their
In size
No longer
And Chelsea
The title race
Is on,
City shaken
But Spurs
Pumping again

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An FA Cup classic

Everton 5-4 Tottenham

Barely three minutes of a classic
When Sanchez lights the spark
For a nine goal thriller
At an empty Goodison Park

Calvert-Lewin and Richarlison
Start a three goal breakthrough
Sigurdsson from the spot
Lamela makes it 3-2

All this before the break
But there’s still more to see
It’s Sanchez yet again
To level things 3-3

Richarlison makes it a double
Surely Toffees are on the up?
Son’s cross nodded by Kane
Wow! The magic of the FA Cup

Who’ll dig deep for victory?
A gruelling mount to climb
Bernard the hero fires home
Seven minutes into extra time

10 02 21

© emdad rahman

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Homeless during the Coronavirus

#mondaymotivation Every #homeless person has a story worth listening to. They didn’t just wake up one day and find themselves in destitution! #thewanderinglondoner

Homeless during the Coronavirus pandemic!

Spurs fan Stu’s from the army
Rejected by life, dejected
With Covid-19 in full swing
How do rough sleepers stay unaffected?

Stu says Hoddle was the best
Of all that graced the Lane
Then there’s Greavsie and Gazza
His picks off the genius train

“Glenn was just a magician!”
Greaves the ultimate dazzler
“Gazza a pinball wizard”
Read Greaves, Gazza, Glenda

We agree on one thing though
Neville Southall the greatest by far
Shades Clemence, Jennings, Shilton,
Ogrizovic and Grobbelaar

Celtic Bhoy gets my programme
Scribbled in awesome graffiti
I can always tap Martin for another
Signed by Wee Jay Beatty

04 05 20

© emdad rahman

#coronachronicles #coronavirus #homeless #spurs #bookbikelondon #foodbike

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Spurs served for supper

Liverpool 2-1 Spurs

It was Harry Kane who got things moving
Not even a minute on the clock
Quite a super little headed number
To put the Reds in the dock

With Lloris out for the year
Poch throws in the deputy instead
Gazzaniga defies again and again
Sending Spurs in a goal ahead

Hendo squares at the start of the second
Then comes a penalty
Mohamed Salah leaves it till the end
For yet another late victory

27 10 19

© emdad rahman

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Mass Exodus In North London…Shortly?

If able, Kane might wish to seek pastures anew
After Tottenham gert mullered last night seven – two
and to make the dilemma perverse,
For those should I stay or should I go stars at Spurs,
A former Gooner at the fore…instrumental in turning the screw.


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Back in time down White Hart Lane

As a child I drew crowds; row upon row,
fifteen thousand little circles for the fans,
some high in the stands, some arrayed on the Shelf
cradled by that tight encircling wall
(I’m capturing White Hart Lane
at the start of the Hunter Davies years)
the groundlings penned behind a white perimeter fence,
watching Bobby Smith, Maurice Norman, Greavsie and Cliff Jones.
Now look up, see what Archibald Leitch has designed,
Like the gondola on a Zeppelin, a long white press-box
Above it a clock
And on that a ball
Then a cock
Then a sky,
No whiter than a Tottenham Hotspur shirt

I tried to go back in the Nineties; the old East Stand had gone
Someone was banging an anti-semitic drum
(ironically I suppose)
Not sure I like this, to be frank.
Maybe this is Spurs’ way of getting their masochism in first
“Always equalise before the opposition score”
and I can’t help thinking
If Sigmund Freud ever wandered up the Seven Sisters Road
From Hampstead
He’d have a field day

But the Spurs go marching on, they do
To a new home and a new Lane
So there’s my prosaic bit of doggerel
(Hang on to the ball for me, and don’t forget the cockerel)

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Kepa the leper

an act of dissent
to the bench
while the stench
of mutiny

Sarri fingered
as dead man walking
meanwhile Kepa?
like a leper

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