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WC2018 A to Z

A is for Albion. The boys done us proud. Laud ‘em out loud.
B is for Brexit. No mention, amongst the tension, until of course, Brazil exit early. Spot the surly.
C is for Charades (see VAR). Replaces the imaginary waving of cards.
D is for Deutschland über alles? NEIN! Defending champs – in decline.
E is for Engerrlun! We dared to dream, so proud of the team.
F is for Fourth, a satisfactory conclusion, met with complimentary effusion. Also;
FCHS: Football’s Coming Home Syndrome: a contagious delusion.
G is for GLT: irrefutable, technology done right, no confusion.
H is for Holland – no, not the Oranjeboom, but assistant Steve – & set pieces he’ll conceive! Also:
Hat-trick Hero Harry! No thought of defeat.
I is for It’s Coming Home! Repeat and repeat!
J is for Jordan: no, not the country, but messers Henderson & Pickford, Mackem mates.
K is for captain Kane: we salute one of the greats.
L is for Last Legs – true warriors give their all
M is for Messi – didn’t see enough of the ball.
N is for Novichok – no not a stadium! To conspiracy theorists, it could have been
such a poisonous semi-final match!
with Medics required, for every single scratch!
O is for Ospina, saved one penalty, but thankfully not Eric Dier’s!
P is for Pure poetry – it never tires!
Q is for Qatar next up, to host World Cup.
R is for Russia – all bow to our fabulous hosts. From Arctic Circle, to Caspian coasts.
S is for St George’s flag – proudly displayed, courage conveyed.
T is for Telstar 18 – official World Cup ball
U is for unreserved admiration, to one and all
V is for VAR – a new form of entertainment – valiant arbitrary randomness!
W is for Waistcoat – cue dapper Gareth. Also:
Winners: France, witness the victory dance. Also:
Wild Boar FC – a story bigger than the World Cup?!? The impossible happened.
Kudos to the rescuers and survivors.
Took our minds away, from the wrong kind of divers!
X is for Xherdan Shaqiri – from Swiss ‘burbs, upsetting the Serbs, with flag on his boots,
proud of his Kosovan roots.
Y is for Yeltsin, Putin, Gorbachev, Marx – you should be proud of your comrades,
in the fan-friendly parks.
Z is for Zabivaka – official mascot: Wolf “The one who scores”; (with great big paws); also
Zero violence, zero mess: the tournament = 100%, a great success!!!

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WC2018 – WC2022.. are we nearly there yet ?

We’ve criss-crossed the country
taken Steppes small and large
travelled alone or in convoys
by plane, train or barge

first intentions were
that we weren’t to get lost
but as we familiarised on the journey
we fortified and then bossed

we’ve taken in the sights as we trekked:
Volgograd; Mizhny Novgorod;
Kaliningrad; Moscow; Samara
and next we’re heading…
to somewhere by the Sahara??? **

improvement and betterment
will be the order of the day
an aggregation of marginal gains
as we wend our merry way

and as this journey lengthens
I’m sure we’ll have cause to fret
with constant self-examination… but….
are we nearly there yet?!?!?!

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WC2018 Day 25 FINAL – haiku

Parc de Triomphe
Mbappe inspires the Gauls
Allez Les Blues


Runners up, yet
Croatia proud as can be
Gave it their all


Got what we wanted
Six goal fitting finale
World Champions France


Final had it all
Six goals and V.A.R. too
French profit


Cryuff of the Balkans
Player of the Tournament
Runners up medal


Thibaut Courtois
Magnificent net minder
Golden Gloves award


Arise Sir Harry!
Six goals netted overall
Golden Boot award

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WC2018 Day 24 : 3rd/4th

Third or fourth
Does it really matter?
Should it matter?
For there is no head-upon-a-platter
For failure

Then what of the prize money?
I’m not being funny
But there is only 2 million FIFA shekels
In the difference

As to the game:
Southgate tinkered, Martinez went for the max;
Belgium had more attacks
And more goals
Than Albion’s tired souls

England’s Rose caught asleep at the wheel
And allowed Meunier to steal
And convert Chadli’s expert cross;
Les Diablo Rouges, continue to boss
The first 45.

Second half is better for England
But they let in a 2nd goal
A nightmare scene
When Hazard cuts across Phil Jones
Mirroring Trump’s faux pas with the Queen!

Off with his head!

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It Could Have Been Us

I watched Croatia versus France –
The Final is a must!
But all the time kept thinking
That it could have been us.

Us out there on that Moscow pitch,
Us strutting proud our stuff,
The Trophy giving a fond kiss,
And holding it aloft.

We finished fourth, and that’s quite good,
And yet, not good enough –
Another team has claimed the Prize
We thought was due to us.

All credit to our Gallic pals,
They’re taking home the Cup,
And hats off to Croatia,
Who gave them a good run.

The match was fine, result was right,
We can’t complain or fuss.
But think, it just so easily
Could have been us, us, us.

Denys E. W. Jones

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VARcically Les Bleus ~haiku

France 4-2 Croatia

spoiling things again
VAR the villain here
on this final night

never lying down
oh how brave Croatia fought
when injustice reigned

never at their best
once again Les Bleus emerge
trophy in their hands

yes they have the skills
in Pogba and Mbappe
but only in bursts

one strange ending this
to a wild enthralling month
here in Russian rain

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Incredible Les Bleus take football home: France 4-2 Croatia

Twas France who struck gold first
Sucker own goal by Mandzukic
Croatia throw caution to the wind
One one soon by Perisic

Moscow hadn’t had enough yet
It was Perisic who would make
Nestor Pitana’s VAR penalty
Griezmann makes no mistake

Howitzer from Paul Pogba
On the hour it’s Mbappe
Making this teen a final scorer
Ever since a guy called Pele

15 07 18

© emdad rahman

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Belgium 2-0 England ~ Nuff Said

when we pause we know
like some epic video
we have far to go

games like this are hard
damage limitation time
with a stronger foe

meaningless to some
I know we’d have taken fourth
at the very start

in the end we tired
driven on then driven home
by a classy side

chances far and few
we looked empty early on
brigher later though

littel to see here
from our still emerging team
so much more to come

lots of lessons learned
Belgians realy look the part
we’ll be back …’nuff said

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Awesome Belgique take third

Belgium 2-0 England

Thomas Meunier put Belgium ahead
Sliding in ahead of Danny Rose
With only a mere four minutes in
It seemed the whole team had froze

England had chances to square
Alderweireld clears from Dier
Harry Maguire heads wide
By then the boys had lost their fire

Eden Hazard wraps it up
By then the Reds were spurred
Got the better of Jones to beat Pickford
Well done Belgium on third

14 07 18

© Emdad Rahman

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England are out!

England are out
Semi Final: Croatia 2-1 England

Until Russia eighteen
Its been Charlton and Lineker
With his first ever England goal
We now add Kieran Trippier

Chance after chance
England sloppy on the pitch
Croatia sense blood
One one by Perisic

Croatia up the tempo
There’s still time for a glitch
Three Lions look jaded
Final nail by Mandzukic

11 07 18

© Emdad Rahman

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