WC2018 A to Z

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 A is for Albion. The boys done us proud. Laud ‘em out loud.
B is for Brexit. No mention, amongst the tension, until of course, Brazil exit early. Spot the surly.
C is for Charades (see VAR). Replaces the imaginary waving of cards.
D is for Deutschland über alles? NEIN! Defending champs – in decline.
E is for Engerrlun! We dared to dream, so proud of the team.
F is for Fourth, a satisfactory conclusion, met with complimentary effusion. Also;
FCHS: Football’s Coming Home Syndrome: a contagious delusion.
G is for GLT: irrefutable, technology done right, no confusion.
H is for Holland – no, not the Oranjeboom, but assistant Steve – & set pieces he’ll conceive! Also:
Hat-trick Hero Harry! No thought of defeat.
I is for It’s Coming Home! Repeat and repeat!
J is for Jordan: no, not the country, but messers Henderson & Pickford, Mackem mates.
K is for captain Kane: we salute one of the greats.
L is for Last Legs – true warriors give their all
M is for Messi – didn’t see enough of the ball.
N is for Novichok – no not a stadium! To conspiracy theorists, it could have been
such a poisonous semi-final match!
with Medics required, for every single scratch!
O is for Ospina, saved one penalty, but thankfully not Eric Dier’s!
P is for Pure poetry – it never tires!
Q is for Qatar next up, to host World Cup.
R is for Russia – all bow to our fabulous hosts. From Arctic Circle, to Caspian coasts.
S is for St George’s flag – proudly displayed, courage conveyed.
T is for Telstar 18 – official World Cup ball
U is for unreserved admiration, to one and all
V is for VAR – a new form of entertainment – valiant arbitrary randomness!
W is for Waistcoat – cue dapper Gareth. Also:
Winners: France, witness the victory dance. Also:
Wild Boar FC – a story bigger than the World Cup?!? The impossible happened.
Kudos to the rescuers and survivors.
Took our minds away, from the wrong kind of divers!
X is for Xherdan Shaqiri – from Swiss ‘burbs, upsetting the Serbs, with flag on his boots,
proud of his Kosovan roots.
Y is for Yeltsin, Putin, Gorbachev, Marx – you should be proud of your comrades,
in the fan-friendly parks.
Z is for Zabivaka – official mascot: Wolf “The one who scores”; (with great big paws); also
Zero violence, zero mess: the tournament = 100%, a great success!!!

Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/wc2018-a-to-z/