A-Z of all A-Zs (zzzzzzzzz!)

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Bring me sonnets or a song
Chants from fans in freezing stands
Dipping crowds acrosss the land
Each next letter makes us scream
Far more harder than we dream
Grasping thinking til we find
Hidden somewhere in our mind
In acrostic mode we seek
Just more stuff to write or speak
Knowing that you feel the same
Living breathing ev’ry game
Moments when we feel so good
Never ever thought we would
Over land and over sea
Poems pour relentlessly
Quietly we hope and pray
Rhyming in our silly way
Stuck to clubs like superglue
Think how much all we go through
Under stress we sit each week
Very nervous cheek by cheek
Why we do it who can say
Xpectations day on day
You and me we take it all
Zat’s a fact and that’s football.


Creative Writing Workshop Hint Of The Day
“Never Let An X Or A Z Get In The Way” ..(of a ‘good’ poem!)

Editorial Recycling Note. :This theme is open to anyoe familiar with the
alphabet .For the lazier among you, and in the interest of recycling and saving energy and keyboards , kindly copy and paste all the first letters from someone else’s and put your own stuff in.Keeps the cold and snow out at least .Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/a-z-of-all-a-zs-zzzzzzzzz/