A-Z of Football – Fen Ditton Primary

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 A is for Arsenal, Brian’s favourite team
B is for ball scoring at Wembley (it’s a dream!)
C is for Chelsea – they play in blue
D is for defending, the back four stick like glue
E is for England, our national team
F is for fans who like to scream
G is for goals to be scored
H is for Hull City who are on board
I is for Ipswich – they belong in the loo
J is for John Terry, he plays in blue
K is for kick, as the crowd shout
L is for luck, which is what it’s about
M is for match played day or night
N is for net, which is airy and light
O is for Ozzie who could pass
P is for passing over the grass
Q is for quick, as fast as you run
R is for Ronaldo – he’s such fun
S is for shoot – it makes the crowd scream
T is for team with great self-esteem
U is for under the goal keeper
V is for victory never been sweeter
W is for West Ham who play in claret and blue
X is for x-ray when you hurt and don’t know what to do
Y is for York City – they play in red
Z is for Zola who sleeps late in bed!


This poem was written by a group of 15 Year 5/6 pupils

Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/a-z-of-football-fen-ditton-primary/