Allah, the Compassionate, The Merciful

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The Merciful,
Lord of the East, the West, the North and
The South,
Master of all nations
Protector of all races,
Of the poor, the young
The old and all in need
In the heavens and on earth
God of my forefathers
In their need to earn an honest living
Whom in your infinite wisdom
Guided simple farmers from the plains of Punjabi
Past the great capital and its boroughs of
Chelsea, Arsenal and the industrial
Towns of Manchester and Liverpool
To the banks of the Steel River.

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The Merciful,
Who guided me to over come
Prejudices and fear
To welcome every stranger as fellow citizen
From thee alone I seek help
A poor Boro supporter
Please let my team gain a point
Now and then and
Perhaps a miracle – three points
Before the season ends.


(Written after the three – nil defeat at QPR 11.09.2010 )

Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/allah-the-compassionate-the-merciful/