1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 Running down the football pitch,
Ronaldo is a star,
Everybody’s chanting,
‘This man will go far’,
He has replaced David Beckham,
And what a good swap too,
With all the tricks and all the skills
He’s perfect for Man U.
He drives the ladies crazy,
With his perfect look,
With his great hair and body,
He’s an unbeatable girl-hook.
He’s a striking number 7,
And goals are born off his foot,
Dropping tricks in here and there,
With his golden boots,
He plays with his left foot,
He plays with his right,
He plays in the daytime,
He plays in the night,
He plays for the best team,
In the whole of UK,
Not to mention Europe,
Well that’s what you’ll hear me say,
From the town of Funchal,
In the Island of Maderia,
Came a boy of a young age,
Much better than Alan Shearer,
He played for Sporting Lisbon,
But that was not enough,
Now he’s with United,
I bet he’s well chuffed,


I think Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the most talented players ever to be made known, I would appreciate your comments on this poem which was made in his honour.

Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/and-along-came-cristiano-ronaldo/