Any stickers to swap ?

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 I have 20 albums full of Paninni stickers
I shudder to think what I’ve spent
I swapped Everton’s FELLAINI for the toons COLOCCINI
And paid a fiver for young DARREN BENT.
But to find THOMAS ROSICKY, I found rather tricky
Along with THEO WALCOTT.
And in any schoolyard you will find a GERRARD
But a ROONEY you certainly will not.
Then’s there BOBBY ZAMORA the Fulham goalscorer
And from Birmingham SEBASTIAN LARSSON
There’s SOLOMON KALOU and Villa’s CAREW
And West Brom’s keeper BEN CARSON.
I’ve found Spurs VAN DER VAART
And Man City’s JOE HART and his team mate PABLO ZABALETTA
And Everton’s MIKEL ARTETA.
I got for 5 pence at a boot sale
And I’ll give you the lot if you tell me you’ve got
A spare one of Spurs’ GARETH BALE.

I think that’s my 150th poem to the site, just a bit of daft wordplay and I fondly remember collecting football cards, mainly from cigarette packets which we used to search for on 1950s Tyneside building sites. No fancy albums to stick them into back then mind. Great site, THANKS.

Editor’s notes :
Congratulations on reaching the 150 milestone, John.
Yes, great memories of collecting stickers …. and ‘swapsies’.

I used to love collecting the hard cards (that came in packets with bubble gum) and playing ‘flicksies’ in the schoolyard! Clik.

Editor 2: And you’ve transported me me back too… to long shorted football cigarette cards Anything to forget our most recent footie weekend eh? Crispin

Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/any-stickers-to-swap/