Atyeo 1957

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 To paraphrase bold Philip Greene,
The noiselessness was so complete
They turned enquiring faces e’en
‘Pon Dublin’s famed O’Connell Street.
A hush descended so profound,
An ant that crept o’er Peter’s clock
Could well be heard throughout the ground
By thousands paralysed with shock.
Alfie Ringstead’s early strike
Had separated these two teams,
Though England pressed and fretted like
Old rag dolls fraying at the seams,
But seemingly to no avail;
As Ireland pushed the gates of Eden,
Following her Holy Grail –
A debut World Cup place in Sweden.
Liam Whelan, soon to fall
Upon a snowy Munich night,
Kept close possession of the ball
To keep the World Cup flame alight.
And David Pegg, on England’s wing,
Did gain his first and only cap.
And mourners too for him would sing
When Munich hatched its bitter trap.
The obese lady cleared her throat,
And Finney motored down the flank,
Picked out Atyeo remote,
And Ireland’s brave resistance sank.
No silence such had e’er been heard
As that which fell on Dalymount.
No curse, no groan, no single word
Could anybody stunned recount.
Thus Atyeo saved England’s pride
And spared his country grievous pain.
No more though did he make the side,
For he was never picked again.


Philip Greene -“The silence was so deafening it could be heard in O’Connell Street”

Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/atyeo-1957/